Cyclist, ukuleleist, ampersand lover and MINI Cooper addict. Performing at the crossroads of minimalism and delight to express ideas through design.

IMG_2976Hello! I’m Heather Heick.

I love to express myself creatively and want to stand out in the crowd. Whether it be my own personal hair/dress style or my design for a client, I want to be recognized in a good way.  I want to evoke emotion of all kinds. I want people to feel good about their business or brand just as much as I enjoy doing the work to promote it.

I currently work in an in-house design studio located in the tech center. I’ve been at the Colliers Design Studio for 11+ years working with brokers, assistants and our clients, to leverage and promote commercial real estate; making us one of the top real estate companies in Denver. I also do freelance on the side and work with a variety of clients doing projects such as: logos, invitations, flyers, banners, business branding and digital coupons.

I’m also a brand ambassador for Ralph Schomp MINI, working the Denver Auto Show every year & rallying around Denver as a member with MINI5280.

✔ Adobe InDesign

✔ Adobe Illustrator

✔ Adobe Photoshop

✔ Adobe Dreamweaver

✔ Adobe Acrobat DC

✔ Adobe After Effects

✔ iMovie

✔ Microsoft Excel

✔ Microsoft PowerPoint

✔ Microsoft Outlook

✔ WordPress

✔ Google Earth Pro

✔ Advertisement Design

✔ Banner Design

✔ Branding

✔ Business Cards

✔ Letterhead

✔ Logo Design

✔ Multi-page Layouts

✔ Signage

✔ Photo Manipulation

✔ Photo Retouching

✔ Social Media

✔ Photography

Please download a copy of my résumé below and get in touch.
I’d love to connect so we can talk about art or work together on a cool project!